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We are looking for sponsors to help support the technology costs as we create worldwide engagement on this crucial topic. In doing so, there are opportunities for exposure for a broad range of wine professionals, brands and winemakers committed to sustainability. Marketing content will be featured in the run-up to the event via our website, social media, external communication and marketing material. Our programme enhances awareness, education, inclusion, brand promotion and progressive thinking.

In addition, the conference site will be available for 12 months afterwards for networking and all sessions will be recorded and subsequently accessible. Summaries will be published on www.sustainablewine.co.uk and it will be the platform for communicating your work, reaching a wide audience online, world-wide.

The conference will be non-profit and inclusive.
We’re looking for 10-15 sponsors to contribute so that we can cover the costs of the digital platform, fund more writing, interviews and case studies of sustainability in action in the global wine industry.

Contact us as below to discuss supporting this important conference.

Sponsorship Benefits

Raise your profile as a key player in the sustainability space – in front of an audience full of key stakeholders helping to drive forward the sustainability conversation.
Meet key stakeholders and build partnerships – heightened visibility means attendees will be keen to speak to you and hear about your work, making connections with potential clients and business partners a far easier process.
Opportunity for leveraged lead generation – through access to an audience who have all invested time and money in very specific sustainability issues.

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