Agenda highlights

  • How Covid-19 has changed the wine industry
  • Can we agree on a global definition of sustainability in wine?
  • Proliferation or consolidation: What is the future of certification in wine?
  • In the vineyard: Small producers on key lessons learned, opportunities and pitfalls
  • Social issues in wine: How to define, and tackle real and potential labour abuses
  • Logistics and Distribution: How will delivery of wine change by 2025?
  • Social issues in wine: How to improve community empowerment in a wine business
  • Lessons from Spain: How wine industry can tackle sustainability and climate change
  • In the vineyard: What regenerative approaches mean for soil health improvements
  • What should wine industry leadership on climate change look like?
  • What the wine industry can learn about sustainability from other industries
  • In the winery: How circular approaches in the winery can save money and emissions
  • Biodiversity in the vineyard: How to work with nature, not against it
  • Misinformation in wine: How transparency and science can change the debate on ‘clean’ and ‘natural wine’
  • Sustainable packaging, how wine will be sold by 2025 and beyond
  • Closing plenary discussion: How do we use sustainability to attract the next generation of wine consumers?

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